Lena Tolkien Clinical hypnotherapist, Background, Qualifications
Lena Tolkien  -  Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lena Tolkien - Clinical Hypnotherapist

“My way of feeling fulfillment and growth is by helping others on their way to creating and living more meaningful lives in their own unique way.

I chose SF Hypnotherapy because it is both an incredibly effective tool to help you achieve calm, confidence, focus, feeling hope and control (you name it… literally - you are in charge of what you would like to have in your life), and it explains why some strategies work (and why some don't!). My psychology degree also helps me understand issues from a wider perspective. People's capacity for change is truly inspiring."

Warm wishes

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Imagine your mind feeling clearer with a sense of lightness and flow...

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A bit about how I ended up doing just this:

I moved to London from Sweden (hence the gingerbread moose picture) about 20 years ago to work in IT as an analyst/programmer. I quickly realised that what I truly enjoyed was to figure out what would help my clients; not the coding part...

Working as a woman in IT in the City was difficult and I wasn’t at all prepared for the sexism I encountered. To say I was stressed is an understatement... I remember sitting in a meeting one morning and hearing the words but just not being able to understand what any of it meant. It was a truly scary moment and I thought something was seriously wrong

! I had no clue how to manage my mind to help me cope with the stress and anxiety. Luckily I came across an hypnosis tape in a new age shop (cassette tape - that’s how long ago it was!). I listened to that tape pretty much every lunch and it did help me cope much better. I now know that it helped to release some of the anxiety and stress that I felt but, being just a tape, it couldn’t teach me how to use hypnosis more constructively or the “how to” of running my mind. When I got pregnant and was told that there was no point in sending me on the courses my male colleagues went to because my brain shrinks with the pregnancy hormones, and anyway mums aren’t very dedicated to their work (!), well then I had truly had enough.

So while staying at home to raise my family, I took the chance think about what truly matters to me and how I could change things, both for myself and for others. I took a BSc in Psychology, then an MSc in Occupational Psychology. I then came back to the technique that had really helped me before: hypnosis. After researching the area (there’s a lot of odd stuff out there...) I trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I have now used SF hypnotherapy for myself, my family and friends (while I trained no-one got away!) and many, many clients. It is incredibly rewarding and amazing to walk beside my clients for a while and see them change into more confident, optimistic, freer, stronger versions of themselves :)


  • Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist:

    • Member of AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) and NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy)

    • Trained at CPHT (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy) leading to an HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) after NCH accreditation, and a DSFH (Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy)

    • I also do Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) ie on-going training both to deepen my understanding and to expand my knowledge

  • MSc Occupational Psychology and BSc (Hons) Psychology

  • BSc Systems Analysis

As a member of AfSFH and NCH, I abide by their rules of confidentiality and ethics. They all include confidentiality, data protection and strict rules regarding professional conduct. To comply I also have to do further studying and have regular supervision.

I am fully insured and hold an enhanced DBS check.